Jan 25, 2021

Baby Girl Studio Photo Session | Maryland Photographer

I love the precious images we were able to get during this baby girl studio photo session! This little one was seriously amazing–she slept so soundly and let me pose her however I wanted. A newborn photographer’s dream!

The froggy pose is a classic for newborn photos and it’s always popular with clients, so we made sure to get some “froggy” shots. This is one reason I encourage clients to come in when baby is between seven and fourteen days old. Because babies are still really flexible and sleepy at that age it makes it much easier to get those adorable curly poses. Of course, I’ve photographed newborns when they’re a bit older too. It’s always possible to get beautiful baby pictures, even if we have to adapt things a bit.

newborn photo session maryland, baby girl in froggy pose on floral backdrop

Flowers are always great for baby girls, but you also can’t go wrong with teddy bears! I have some super cute stuffed animal props at the studio that are just the right size for newborn hands. And of course, adorable bear caps complete with fuzzy ears are the best!

studio baby pictures, swaddled infant in bucket with teddy bear

Another thing I loved about this little princess was all that soft dark hair! We did use our fuzzy bear cap during this baby girl studio photo session, but we also picked out lots of pretty headbands to highlight those gorgeous tresses! What a sweet little sleeping beauty!

baltimore maryland baby photographer, sleeping newborn girl

Baltimore, Maryland Newborn Photography

Interested in professional photos of your little one? I would love to capture these special moments for you! If you’re expecting, please get in touch with me to book your session. My calendar does tend to fill up, so booking early guarantees that I’ll be able to get you on the studio schedule. And, of course, if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask. I look forward to hearing from you!



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